While using a Tesla, you may detect a strange Tesla air conditioning smell. The smell can be like burning rubber or burning plastic. It can be quite unsettling at times.

Find out why the Tesla air conditioning smell has such a stench and what you can do to prevent or get rid of it. Let’s explore with  Teslasuggest

Why Is Tesla Air Conditioning Smell Very Terrible? 

Why Is Tesla Air Conditioning Smell Very Terrible? 
Why Is Tesla Air Conditioning Smell Very Terrible?

You need to understand the cause of the stench in your Tesla before you can figure out how to cure it. This unpleasant stench is typically caused by the development of bacteria and mold. The AC’s warm, humid air is the ideal habitat for microbial growth.

You should be aware that this problem isn’t specific to Tesla vehicles. It may happen in the Tesla air conditioning smell of any car. However, the Tesla air conditioning system’s distinctive design can make matters worse. Teslas rely on the air moving inside the cabin, unlike conventional vehicles that have a separate fresh air intake vent. This indicates that the air is recycled, which may result in a buildup of contaminants.

Consequently, obnoxious scents result.

Some Tesla owners think that the synthetic materials used for the seats and other interior components are to blame for the odor. Volatile organic chemicals that are released by the substance may give off an unpleasant odor.

Consequences of the Odor

Fortunately, there are no immediate health dangers associated with the smell. However, breathing in mold and germs for a long time might lead to respiratory problems. It could make allergies worse. Anytime you and your loved ones are in the car, you and they can start coughing and sneezing.

Uncomfort is a clear side effect of the smell. There is nothing enjoyable about riding in a car that smells bad. You should properly manage the odor issue because it can cause both discomfort and health problems.

A disinfectant or air freshener spray might improve the scent in the automobile. But it won’t deal with the actual issue. You must take greater initiative if you want it to occur.

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Tips Remove Tesla Air Conditioning Smell 

Tips Remove Tesla Air Conditioning Smell 
Tips Remove Tesla Air Conditioning Smell

Turn Off Climate Control

Turn off the temperature control system before you begin doing any repairs on your car. This technique is straightforward in all Tesla models, despite some minor variations. The screen display’s bottom has climate controls. The auto setting is the default for Model Y. To change the temperature, tap; to turn it off, press the power symbol.

Read your owner’s handbook to find out how to switch off the temperature control in your automobile if you’re not sure how. The method only requires the push of a button.

Take the Air Filter Out

You need to take off the air filter next. Air filters on the Model Y keep out dust, pollen, and other dirt. You may either follow these easy procedures or check for an internet video on filter replacement:

  • Fully recline the front passenger seat.
  • The floor mat be moved
  • Release the clips holding the instrument panel and footwell cover in place using a clip pry tool.
  • Hold the footwell in place while removing the electrical connectors
  • Remove the T20 screw holding the HVAC module’s cabin filter to the module.
  • Detach the cover
  • Both the top and bottom cabin filter tabs should be folded in.
  • Hold the top filter’s tab while removing the filter.
  • Holding the bottom filter’s tab, raise and remove the filter.

Use Klima-Cleaner to Clean the Air Intake

Use Klima-Cleaner to Clean the Air Intake
Use Klima-Cleaner to Clean the Air Intake

Cleaning the air intake should come after removing the cabin filter. Something powerful, like Klima-Cleaner, is required. The item eliminates nicotine, dust, and pollen. More significantly, it is water-based and won’t harm the car’s AC system.

Evaporator/Filter Compartment: Dry 

Dry the compartment before installing the new filter. It’s simpler than you would imagine. Simply leave the container alone to let it air dry to dry it out.

Replace Your Air Filter

The filter needs to be changed next. Now is the moment to determine the new filter’s size if you haven’t previously. Ensure that the size of the new filter matches exactly that of the previous one. It won’t function properly if it’s too tiny.

Place the bottom filter into the HVAC module after verifying the size. After that, set the higher filter on top of the bottom one. Tabs are folded in and T20 is screwed in. The electrical connections should be reconnected after tightening the screw to 1.2Nm. You’re all set to go once you’ve replaced everything else.


Hopefully, through this article, you were able to fix the Tesla air conditioning smell when it got bad. Remember to clean the sxe regularly and check the air filter system twice a year

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