The Tesla Model 3 is a small, battery-powered executive vehicle manufactured by Tesla. Starting in mid-2017, Model 3 production began in limited numbers, with the first car coming off the assembly line on July 7, 2017. For complete control in all weather conditions. Just like buying a new car leather seat cover, buying a Tesla seat covers ensures protection against damage and dirt and gives your car a whole new look and feel.

They respond well to cooling, heating, or venting functions. They improve the overall beauty of the interior, last longer, and are better maintain over time. Teslasuggest can help if you’re looking for the highest quality leather seat covers you can buy right now. Here are the top Tesla Seat Covers for Tesla Model 3. However, make sure the item you choose is compatible with your model.

Best Tesla Seat Covers for Tesla Model 3

TAPTES Seat Covers

TAPTES Seat Covers
TAPTES Seat Covers

The Tesla community values TAPTES seat covers. This is thanks to the affordable cost, excellent quality and availability of coatings suitable for all Tesla models.

Customization is their special selling point; Potential customers have a lot to choose from with 15 colors and 2 skin types.

If you can’t afford expensive Nappa leather, you can choose a less expensive normal pure fabric leather, still ensuring the aesthetic but not as outstanding as Nappa.

Knowing that a business puts the safety of its customers above everything else is also reassuring.

All safety features will continue to work perfectly with their coating in place (the owner has tested and confirmed this).

TAPTES is your best bet if you want your Model 3 seat covers to be cozy, stylish, easy to clean, and most importantly, not get in the way of its safety features.

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Xipoo Seat Covers

The aesthetics of the Xipoo seat cover are favored. In fact, that’s the only reason why hundreds of owners decided to test these seat covers.

The case comes in a variety of colors, including black or white for an OEM look, red for an aggressive attitude, and a highly sporty black + white variant.

The easiest way to turn a black OEM chair white if you want a white OEM chair but are worried about stains is to use a Xipoo seat cover.

That’s all well and good, but the value of a product is not determined solely by its appearance! What about installation, safety and comfort?

I haven’t heard any complaints about the comfort of the Xipoo Tesla seat covers. In addition, the soft fabric and PU leather also greatly increase comfort.

Wet Okole Seat Covers

Wet Okole Seat Covers
Wet Okole Seat Covers

Although not exclusive to Tesla, the Tesla community generally loves the Wet Okole upholstery.

A wide range of customization options is what makes this brand so popular. There are 5 models and more than 26 colors available.

Designs, colors, bag choices, and if you want belt support, sunglasses bags, pet leashes, and more. are all part of a comprehensive process.

Wet Okole will just take your design and send it to your front door, so it’s as if you’ve designed your upholstery.

To make the seat cover more durable and comfortable, 100% waterproof neoprene material is bonded with nylon on both sides during manufacturing.

In addition, Wet Okole puts the safety of its customers first. They make sure that the Model 3’s safety measures work perfectly when covering their seats.

In fact, these Tesla seat covers conducted the following airbag test to back up their claim:

It is reassuring to know that the airbags work perfectly and pose no danger.

Overall, the Wet Okole upholstery offers value for money, especially when considering the general level of trustworthiness of the community.

Inch Empire

Inch Empire Tesla seat covers
Inch Empire Tesla seat covers

We classify Inch Empire’s seat coverings as “middling.” Some of its features were loved, while others were utterly despised.

It received a comfort rating of 4.9 stars, but only a 3.4 star rating for installation.

Customers reported that while the back seat coverings fit rather loosely, the front ones fit perfectly. They are the hardest to install as well.

Aside from this aspect, Inch Empire also offers some positive aspects, with color options being the standout one.

They come in a variety of colors, including red, black, brown, beige, pink, grey, red+black (which feels really athletic), and an extremely exquisite eggshell blue.

Therefore, Inch Empire is the way to go if you want high-quality seat covers with a distinctive color scheme at a very reasonable price.


Investing in quality Tesla seat covers for your Tesla Model 3 is a smart decision that ensures the protection, comfort, and longevity of your car’s interior. From preserving the original seats to enhancing the overall driving experience, seat covers offer numerous benefits. Whether you opt for luxurious leather, practical neoprene, stylish fabric, or eco-friendly synthetic leather, the right seat cover can transform your car’s interior while keeping it in pristine condition.

Don’t wait any longer; get your Tesla Model 3 seat covers now and experience the joy of driving in comfort and style!

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